About us:
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!  As owner of the Custom Imprinting, I welcome you to the efficient and cost-effective way to get your branded products.

Since 1999 Custom Imprinting has provided imprinted products, apparel, and completely custom-made products for literally every need to ‘Inspire, Market, Promote, and Reward’.   We’re here to help you inspire people to buy your product or buy more of it, market your company every day or at events and tradeshows, promote or cross promote your business or cause, or reward with awards and gifts.   We have experience with every size business or organization, many whom you’d recognize.  

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products to consider, but don’t worry, we make the process simple.  You can shop on our website, send us an idea you’ve already found, or we will do the shopping for you to meet your budget and timeframe.  And if you need completely custom merchandise created, we can do that too!  

Please note that we only provide products from quality manufacturers.

So, let’s get started!

Give us a call or email to discuss your need.  Answering these questions makes it easy:

1.  What is the reason for your need?
2.  Who will receive your items?  
3.  How will you use them?
4.  How many do you need?
5.  What is your budget per item, or total for your project?
6.  When do you need them by?

We’ll quickly get to work to find you the right product within your budget and timeframe.
We’ll set the art to the manufacturer’s specifications and voila, your order will be on its way shortly.
We look forward to serving you!

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